Auna RockStage Karaoke System Микрофон

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Stylish karaoke audio system with CD + G support, Bluetooth interface and an MP3-compatible USB port with a stylish guitar amp look, lateral carrying handles and linings. The system offers microphone volume control, balance-MIX control, echo effect and auto voice control. The RockStage features two front-assembled 6.3mm jack microphone inputs with dedicated level controls and a practical AVC function. Using the balance-MIX control, the musical accompaniment and microphone signals may be suitably mixed together to create a harmonious sound. The selectable digital echo effect supports your vocals, making your performance shine. Different connection options allow you to connect to audio sources of all kinds. Next to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, you may also connect wired devices via a classic line input on the rear panel. Via the MP3-capable USB port, you can play back music from data storage devices such as USB sticks and MP3 players. The dimensions of the karaoke system are 230 x 245 x 185 mm and the weight 1,8 kg. Продукт известен още и като RockStageKaraokeSystem
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