Beyerdynamic Opus 681 Микрофон

Beyerdynamic Opus 681 Микрофон

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Vocalset, comprises of NE 600 S receiver and handheld transmitter SEM 681 (electret condenser, cardioid)The SEM 681 condenser handheld transmitter features studio quality for stage applications. The interchangeable EM 981 microphone head ensures an excellent sound with a warm bass, balanced mids and transparent highs. Also suitable for miking speech in permanent installations. SET COMPONENTSNE 600 S true diversity receiver
SEM 681 handheld transmitter
Rack mount material
Soft case
The Opus 600 wireless system is recommended for stage performances and small installations (hotels, sports halls, churches etc. ). It meets all technology and transmission quality requirements while still being very reasonably priced.  The Opus 600 wireless system is equipped with the automatic frequency setting function, has 16 pre-programmed UHF frequency settings and can be operated with up to 16 channels per frequency range (depending on environment and specific national regulations), simultaneously and with no interference. The latest true-diversity technology, pilot signal detection and adjustable squelch ensure reliable transmission and noise-free reception.  FEATURES NE 600 S1-channel true diversity receiver (UHF)
Rugged 9.5" metal housing
16 pre-programmed UHF frequencies
PLL-synthesised technology
Adjustable Squelch
Pilot tone recognition
Removable antennas (TNC), antenna sockets with power supply (+8 V) for remote antenna amplifiers
Audio ouputs: 1 AF ouput (3-pin XLR male, balanced) and 1 AF output (6,35 mm jack, unbalanced), with MIC/LINE level switchFEATURES S 600Modular design with interchangeable microphone capsules
On/Off switch
Power on LED
Plastic housing
ACT function (Automatic Channel Targeting) for automatic frequency setting
Integrated antenna
Powered by two AA-batteries (1.5 V)FEATURES EM 981 SSilver grill
Electret condenser microphone capsule
Built-in metal gaze pop shield without any foam material
High SPL capability
Switchable low-cut filter to compensate the close-miking effect
Frequency response 50 - 18,000 HzAVAILABLE FREQUENCIESOPUS 681             506-530 MHz
OPUS 681             598-622 MHz UK
OPUS 681             598-622 MHz
OPUS 681             668-692 MHz
OPUS 681             710-734 MHz
OPUS 681             734-758 MHz
OPUS 681             758-782 MHz
OPUS 681             774-798 MHz Продукт известен още и като Opus681

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