Beyerdynamic TG D58c Микрофон

Офертите за продукта

Condenser clip-on microphone (cardioid) for drums and percussionThe practical advantages of the patented microphone clamp on the TG D58c condenser microphone are immediately apparent whether when using with rack toms, snare drums or percussion instruments: the microphone can be mounted and positioned quickly and securely.  The balanced frequency response also makes it immediately ready for use. Pre-amplifiers are a thing of the past due to the integrated pre-amplifiers with downward-facing standard XLR connections. Its ability to operate at high levels compared to the previous model Opus 88 should also be mentioned, as is the newly designed, low-resonance housing, the elastic capsule suspension, the improved signal-to-noise ratio and technical values that remain valid even with phantom powering below 44 volts. Features
  •     Optimally positioned treble resonator for optimised high-frequency reproduction
  •     2nd treble resonator within the system
  •     Special sound holes for a frequency independent polar pattern
  • Продукт известен още и като TG D 58 c, TGD58c, TG D58 c
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