Beyerdynamic TG D70d Микрофон

Beyerdynamic TG D70d Микрофон

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Professional dynamic large-diaphragm microphone (hypercardioid) for drums and percussionThe TG D70d dynamic large-diaphragm microphone is exceptionally reliable for the transmission of sound from low-frequency instruments - the best friend of every bass drum, djembe and bass amplifier.  Despite its bulky appearance, it can be easily positioned in the resonant head, even in bass drums with very tiny holes. The mass-reduced special membrane delivers exceptional impulse fidelity and the hypercardioid polar pattern ensures excellent feedback reduction. For each switch a specially equalised frequency response curve can be set, which delivers brilliant sound even without making complicated settings on the mixing console; or a linear frequency response curve can be set, which transmits the natural bass drum sound which can then be acoustically tuned via the mixing console. Features
  •     Special sound geometry behind the diaphragm with high-tech acoustic fabric
  •     Expanded resonance space for exceptionally powerful sound
  •     2-stage treble resonator for optimising the treble reproduction
  •     Special sound holes for a frequency-independent polar pattern
  • Продукт известен още и като TG D 70 d, TGD70d

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