Beyerdynamic TG I50d Микрофон

Офертите за продукта

Dynamic microphone (cardioid) for instrumentsThe perfect balance between rounded, powerful sound and excellent suitability for the stage make the well-designed TG I50d a very versatile microphone.  Whether with electric guitar or bass amplifiers, snare drums or brass instruments, this dynamic instrumental microphone demonstrates notable feedback reduction even on the loudest rock-and-roll stages. Extreme EQ settings at the mixing console are not necessary with the TG I50d: plug it in, activate the high-pass filter if needed and then smile. Features
  •     Enhanced space behind the diaphragm for improved bass reproduction
  •     Treble resonator for optimal high-frequency reproduction
  •     Special sound holes for a frequency-independent polar pattern
  • Продукт известен още и като TG I 50 d, TGI50d, TG I50 d
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