Blue Microphones Spark Studio Микрофон

Blue Microphones Spark Studio Микрофон

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Solid-state condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern that delivers a detailed and transparent sound, suitable for any creative studio application – voice, acoustic or electric guitar, piano, strings, drums or horns. Its ingenious Focus Control provides the sound of two microphones in one with two distinct modes, Normal and Focused – switching between them changes the capsule voltage and alters the sonic character. Normal mode heightens low-frequency sensitivity for robust, defined bottom end, while Focused mode accentuates mids and highs for ultra-clear, detailed recordings. Legendary custom-designed condenser capsule and Class-A discrete transformer-less electronics deliver detailed sound for any recording situation, with low noise and fast transient response. Microphone works with home studio USB audio interfaces, and requires +48 V DC phantom power. Custom shock mount and pop-filter are included. Dimensions: 197 x 45 mm. Weight 567 g. Продукт известен още и като SparkStudio

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