Malone UHF-550 Quartett1 Микрофон

Офертите за продукта

4-channel UHF wireless microphone set including the receiver and four standard dynamic microphones. The receiver has 4 XLR mic inputs, 6,3mm TRS AUX out and 2 antenna ports. The receiver provides a long battery life thanks to its energy efficient internal design. The device operates at the frequencies between 832 and 823 MHz and it features a volume control, mute buttons, frequency adjustment control, mode selector, LCD display and is shipped with the antennas with washers and screws. The microphones are powered by two AA batteries which are included. They are also equipped with an on / off switch. The dimensions of the receiver are 395 x 50 x 195 mm and the weight approximately 1,4kg. Продукт известен още и като UHF 550 Quartett 1, UHF550Quartett1, UHF 550 Quartett1, UHF-550Quartett1, UHF-550 Quartett 1
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