Superlux S502 Микрофон

Superlux S502 Микрофон

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Stereo microphone that combines a pair of matched cardioid capsules in an ORTF arrangement: it uses two first order cardioid microphones with a spacing of 17 cm between the microphone diaphragms, and with a 110° angle between the capsules. This technique is well suited for reproducing stereo cues that are similar to those that are used by the human ear to perceive directional information in the horizontal plane. Spacing of the microphones emulates the distance between the human ears, and the angle between the two directional microphones emulates the shadow effect of the human head. Microphone utilizes the same precision 1/2 3-micron gold sputtered diaphragm and low noise microphone pre-amplifier circuits. It is ideal for a very wide range of stereo recording applications producing an evenly-spread stereo image with good localization, depth and detailed sound texture. Flat and wide frequency response (40 Hz-20 kHz) and straightforward design provides experienced and beginning engineers convenient a studio-grade stereo recording or sound reinforcement solution for a wide range of professional audio applications. Microphone requires +48V phantom powering and provides 5-pin XLR connection. 5-pin female to 2 x 3-pin male XLR cable is included, as well as windshield. Max. SPL: 135 dB. Impedance: 200 Ohm. Black colour. Продукт известен още и като S 502

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